Manufacturing your products in our factories can offer dramatic cost savings and the ability to rapidly scale up production. Our China team will chase progress, validate moulding tools and check initial production. Our production engineers will ensure smooth manufacture and production.

an experienced industrial design company, we have a thorough understanding of which helps us design your idea in better
way and make it more unique.

Prototypes & models

We use a wide range of skills to rapidly create finely detailed models at any scale.

With extensive workshops, highly skilled technicians and the latest CNC and rapid prototyping technologies, our team responds rapidly to support our development projects and reduce lead times.

Product Development

By developing products that answer the needs and wants of the consumers, our industrial designers and mechanical engineers create value for your project. Our product design, product development and industrial design skills are proven.

Get a new product idea developed and into productions

Mechanical Engineering

TSD team of Mechanical Engineers ensure that your concepts are feasible from the start. One of TSD's strongest abilities is in designing products for high-volume production. This entails a very different way of thinking about design.

we are product designers

we are DeveloperS 

we are engineers

we are manufacturerS

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is one of our most important strengths here at Trend Smart Design! Industrial Design is the service of generating and developing concepts that enhance the function, use and appearance for the benefit of both the user and the manufacturer.